[Invited Review] Street Grill Burger’s 2nd Outlet @ Gurney Drive!

Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (1)

The Executive Chef of Street Grill Burger, Mr Abu Hasan.

Grilled burgers have been making waves in Penang ever since the start of ‘burger ayam bakar’ craze in Kuala Lumpur.

Another young entrepreneur, Abu Hasan trying to make it in this competitive market with his secret homemade secret sauce for its burgers. And all the chicken, beef and mutton meats are marinated by themselves.

This Street Grill Burger outlet at Gurney Drive is their 2nd branch. Their 1st branch is at the roadside of Ocean View Apartment, an apartment near IJM Promenade where the famous Ubah Bird once resides. 🙂 The 1st stall is now managed by his brother in-law. Street Grill Burger started around 2 years ago. Last two Friday was the official launching of their 2nd branch.

Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (2) Consumers are upping the standard of burgers. They want more in their burgers, hence, grilled burgers aka ‘burger bakar’. Grilling the patty will give the extra flavour by smoking them and gives the burger the different taste than normal Ramly burgers.

Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (3) Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (4) Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (5)

Large Single Deck Chicken Burger RM6.50.

Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (11)

Single Deck Large Chicken Burger with Egg RM7.50.

Street Grill Burger uses deboned patties for their burgers. Combined with their secret homemade sauce, the burgers tasted better than McDonald’s burgers and of course, costs more. 😛 Although deboned whole chicken thigh patty tastes better, there are some bones in the patty making it rather crunchy. Good for those who like the extra crunchiness but we had feedback to the boss and he will make necessary changes. 🙂

Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (6)Double Cheezy Regular Single Deck Chicken Burger RM10.00.

They have the usual add-ons such as egg, cheese, black pepper sauce and mushroom sauce. As consumers taste is getting exquisite, you order two decks of your preferred patty.

Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (7)

Large Triple Bonanza Meats Burger RM15.00

This is their speciality, three different kind of patty – chicken, mutton and beef in a burger. For those who believe that variety is the spice of life. Enjoy! 🙂

Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (8)Double Deck Regular Beef Burger with Egg RM9.00Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (9)Single Deck Large Blackpepper Mutton Burger RM9.00

Well, this burger stall offers an extra selection compared with the usuals which is mutton.

Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (10)

Double Deck Large Chicken Burger with Cheese and Egg RM11.50

Street Grill Burger Gurney Drive Review (12)

This is the price list you can refer to when you are planning your purchase. Price wise is quite competitive and acceptable comparing with what others are offering.

Personally, Kaya and most of the food bloggers prefer chicken patty compared with others. One reason could be that the mutton burgers and beef burgers have been left cold after we took our time to take the beautiful photos. So for those of you who love mutton or beef burgers, do eat them while they are hot.

For those of you who order burgers with eggs, expect to use fork and knife to enjoy your burger as it will be very messy. 🙂

Starting last Friday, there will be a promotion for their burgers. 10% discount for all burgers on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. They will be starting delivery service end of this year but only for Penang Island only, concentrating in Georgetown and Bayan Baru. For the current promotion, they will be delivering their burgers but for minimum order of 10 burgers.

Contact information

Street Grill Burger
Kompleks Makanan Persiaran Gurney (near 7-11, Teo Chew Meng Restaurant and Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant)
FB: www.facebook.com/streetgrillburger
HP: 012-5711050

business hours

Day: Daily
Time: 5pm-1am

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