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糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu Tong Park Fu All Seasons Place Farlim (9) 0

[Invited Review] 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu/ Tong Park Fu @ All Seasons Place, Farlim!!!

This is Kaya’s 1st time visiting All Seasons Place, Farlim after passing the places for months whenever Kaya goes to give tuition to his student. Kaya is actually quite impressed with the beauty of All Seasons Place. The fluorescent light elevators are very attractive at night.

And this time, Kaya is invited to review 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu Desserts Shop. 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu introduced new dishes into their menu and I can tell you that they did things right this time. They expanded their menu to include main dishes and a lot more finger foods and desserts. Now you can dine or have your lunch there. The management employed a former 5-star chef to cook all the main dishes for them.