[Invited Review] New York Pizza / New York Burger @ Irrawady Road, Penang!

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It is a burger spree for Kaya & Butter as KayaButter are going to review another burger outlet. Burger outlets are mushrooming around Penang Island. And one outlet is doing very well in this highly competitive market, that is New York Pizza/ New York Burger. They started with New York Pizza in Sungai Dua, selling mainly pizzas and burgers as side dishes.

To their surprise, their burgers are selling very well too and they even had to start another brand name just for their burgers called New York Burger.

They managed to open 3 outlets within 2 years. One at Yellow House, Sungai Dua, the 2nd branch at Irrawady Road, nearΒ  and the latest one at Union Street, at the heart of the financial district.

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The one that KayaButter was reviewing is their 2nd outlet at Irrawady Road. It was 4 months old only. Their upper floor is not yet open, maybe because the outlet is still new.

The first time KayaButter step into the restaurant, we can feel the ambience. Very relaxing and inviting. It is quite spacious and well planned layout. A very good place for gathering. The time that we went was in the afternoon, so I am not sure about the noise level during their peak hour time.

Kaya particularly don’t like the noise level of Harvest In in the evening. I hope that they can install noise reduction/noise absorbing material in their shop to reduce the noise level should New York Burger has the same issues.

As usual, the grilled burgers use whole meat for their patties. Butter loves the names and their decoration for their burgers. Oh ya, New York Burger does not serve pork and their supplies are all halal. So for our Muslim friends, you can enjoy good burgers with good ambience at New York Burger.

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Queens II aka Beef Burger RM12.90.

This is a spicy beef burger as it has jalapeΓ±o inside it. For those who loves beef and spiciness, give this a try. For beef burgers, KayaButter notice the same issues with beef or mutton burgers, once the burger gets cold, the meat becomes harder to chew. So, do eat the burger while it is HOT or freshly served. πŸ™‚

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Broadway aka Chicken Burger RM9.90.

This is the entry level for their burgers. Chicken burger with grilled chicken patty, lettuce, tomatoes and home made tartar sauce. Most of the burgers have the same stuffs except with or without cheese. All burgers come with French fries. Very juicy. πŸ™‚

Yellow Cab RM12.90.

For those who wants extra kick and carb, you can try this chicken burger with a layer of chicken bacon and egg. Butter guesses that the Yellow Cab name comes from the yellow yolk.

New York Pizza New York Burger Irrawady Road Penang (6)

Big Apple RM14.90.

Double grilled chicken patties + Double cheese + One chicken bacon = Big Apple! For the people who love cheese and extra chicken meat and lotsa carbo and protein, please order this one! You will be most satisfied. Kaya don’t think you can eat this burger without fork and knife. Hehe πŸ˜› So huge! πŸ™‚

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Brooklyn Brawl RM15.90.

For those who believes that variety is the spice of your taste buds, try this. Chicken patty and beef patty in one. 2-in-1 combo! The juiciness will cover for the little dryness of the beef patty.

The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid stood out among the burgers. Many food bloggers are impressed and WOW-ed by this burger. It uses seafood patty. The difference stood out since we are very used with grilled chicken and beef or mutton. A very fresh taste. Tender and nice to chew. And it comes together with enoki mushrooms. It is now currently on their weekly special and not in their menu. You need to call before you go to check whether are they serving this at the time you go.

One good thing about New York Burger is that they serve other main courses besides burgers only. This is one good point for burger outlet operators to take note. This will help to have more recurring customers as they have more reasons to go back to your restaurants, right, my readers? πŸ˜›

Chicken Skewers RM13.90. The spicy French fries is very nice and a must try. It has some similarities with McD’s twister fries but spicier. The chicken skewers serve as good appetizers.

Ldddasagna Chicken RM12.90.

New York Pizza New York Burger Irrawady Road Penang (11)A rather regular lasagna and nothing to shout about. If you have a need to eat lasagna, this can satisfy your need. πŸ™‚

Carbonara Seafood RM12.90.

Butter particularly likes this dish. The cream is very thick and appetizing. Butter is a lover of pasta and this is her favourite dish that day. πŸ™‚ The prawns are fresh.

New York Pizza New York Burger Irrawady Road Penang (14)

Pepperoni Pizza.

New York Pizza New York Burger Irrawady Road Penang (16)

Marina Island.

A regular pizza comes with 2 drinks and garlic breads, costing RM25.90. You can convert the base of your regular pizza into charcoal. KayaButter love thin crust for their pizza and these tastes good. πŸ™‚

Chicken Calzone RM20.90.

Calzone is created by the Italians. It seems that humans have almost the same taste and design all over the world, just that they have different names for their creations. Just think of ramen, noodles and pasta. For Kaya, this calzone is like an oversized curry puff. Hehe πŸ™‚ Of course with different ingredients. The ingredients used inside calzone is almost the same as pizza but the preparation method is different. The outcome is that it is juicier since the ingredients enclose inside. For those who loves novelty, do give this a try. This is off the menu and you need to ask for this and also depends on availability. πŸ™‚

Cheesy Garlic Bread RM8.00.

It is very crispy and remember to take it while it is hot. If you can dip this or eat it together with mushroom soup, that would be perfect. πŸ™‚

New York Pizza New York Burger Irrawady Road Penang (20)Sweet Thai Wings RM5.60 (Small).

Sweet and inviting. If you need to boost your appetite, this is the way to start your appetite for your main course. πŸ™‚

New York Pizza New York Burger Irrawady Road Penang (21)Chilli Wings RM5.60 (Small).

Beware for those who can’t take spiciness, Chilli Wings are really hot and spicy. Those who loves spiciness, this is the one for you all. πŸ™‚

New York Pizza New York Burger Irrawady Road Penang (22)BBQ Wings RM5.60 (Small).

Kaya still prefers the chicken wings from Pizza Hut but that doesn’t mean that their chicken wings are not good. It is just a matter of preference. πŸ™‚

The chicken wings serve as very good side dish or finger food. Kaya particularly like the Thai Sauce Chicken Wings because of its sweetness and sourness.

Overall, New York Pizza & New York Burger are doing many things right. First, their interior design for their outlets are very comfortable and pleasant. Great place for group hangouts just to enjoy good burgers or pizzas and chill. Second, it is halal and it caters to all groups of customers. So, my Muslim readers, do pay this outlet a visit. Third, they have a wide choice of western foods for you to choose from instead of burgers, burgers and burgers. Way to go. Looking forward for many great things from you.

contact information

New York Burger/New York Pizza
12, Irrawady Road 10050 Penang
alan Sungai Dua Outlet: 04-655 2626
Jalan Irrawady Outlet: 04-227 2626
Lebuh Union Outlet: 04-264 2626

Business hours

Tuesdays – Sundays (Close on Mondays)
11:00am – 10:00pm

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  1. mira says:

    hi there..did they have halal certificate?its look so good..nyumm..nyumm

    • kayabutter says:


      They do not have Halal certificate but they are pork-free. KayaButter saw a few Malays who went there for food. πŸ™‚

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