Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang!

Harvest Times Cafe is just besides Ah Mo

The exterior of Harvest Times just exudes class and modern feel

Harvest Times is another branch of Harvest In that has to be opened to accommodate their ever expanding customer base. Harvest Times is just a stone throw away from Harvest In. You will find a lot of similarity between Harvest Times and Harvest In. And this time the parking space in front of their restaurant is bigger and can accommodate more cars. There is more space for al-fresco dining at Harvest Times.

Ground floor dining area

Beverage counter & Payment counter

Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang (5)

Al-fresco dining area inside the restaurant

Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang (6)

Al-fresco dining outside of the restaurant

Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang (7)

A very beautiful green painting greets you as you climb up the staircase

More dining space on the 1st floor of Harvest Times Cafe

Our Church, Penang 1st Assembly of God (1st AOG) organizing a celebration party for the graduates of The Marriage Course

Yeah! We graduated from The Marriage Course after attending the whole course that consists of 7 sessions on Saturdays from 7:30pm until 9:30pm++. That really takes discipline and we really learnt a lot from the course.

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Grilled Fusion Chicken RM15.50

This is highly recommended if you love chicken. It is a bit spicy but the cheese overpowers it, giving you a strong flavored chicken. Butter noticed that the mashed potato is not as buttery as what Butter had in Harvest In.

Honey Oat Chicken RM15.50

This is what Kaya ordered. Kaya loved the crunchiness of the chicken. Maybe today their customers are a lot and Kaya finds that the honey that they poured on the chicken is very little and only some part of the chicken has the honey taste. Compared with what Kaya had in Harvest In, the spread of the honey is better and the amount is more. Combination of sweetness of honey, the crunchiness of the oat and the tenderness of the chicken is heavenly.

You just have to add RM6.00 to upgrade your ala-carte order into a set meal that comes with soup of the day, a drink (a choice of peach tea, lemon tea, white coffee or English tea) and a dessert (a choice of jelly or cake). If you prefer freshly brewed coffee or fresh fruit juices, add another RM2.50.

Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang (12)

Mushroom Soup

The flavor of the soup is strong and gives a taste of authenticity and unlike the powder mushroom mix. Best taken together with the bun & butter. πŸ™‚

Bun and Butter

Our favorite. The bun is soft and the butter is good! πŸ™‚

Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang (20)

Red Bean Jelly

Kaya prefers konyaku jelly type of jelly. Springy and soft. This jelly is a bit hard and not so springy. Well, this taste is rather personal as some prefers the jelly hard and some might prefers it springy and soft. The red bean taste is rather exquisite and might not suit everyone’s taste bud. Not for KayaButter though. πŸ™‚

Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang (17)

Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang (18)

You can never go wrong with flowers especially roses with the ladies! πŸ˜›

Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang (19)

Kaya got a handkerchief. πŸ™‚

Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang (21)

Overall, KayaButter has always loved Harvest’s design. Harvest Times does not disappoint. Its design is simple, clean and neat. We love the combination of grey and white a lot. The design also has a strong American influence and at times we mistakenly thought that we are in Ikea showroom. Haha. πŸ™‚ The ambiance is very good and definitely a good place for hangout with friends or a couple’s private time together. Harvest Times definitely looks better than Harvest In and more spacious and able to accommodate more people with its 2nd floor. Too bad is that at times when it is very full, the noise level is too high and makes conversation difficult. Harvest still does not try to put sound proof in its restaurants.

The food does not disappoint. Harvest Times does have some signature dishes. Kaya’s personal favorite is Honey Oat Chicken. The service is also very attentive and good. Too bad is that they increased the price a bit too high. Last time, Harvest In is one of our frequently visited restaurant but the increase of the price has reduced our visits to the restaurant. The same applies to Harvest Times. πŸ™ Still, we will definitely pay Harvest Times a visit in the future.

contact information

Harvest Times
4, Irrawaddy Road,
10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel No: +604-227 7004

business hours

Monday – SaturdayClosed on Sunday
Closed for Dinner on Tuesday


6 Responses

  1. Hong says:

    wah marriage course also got?? u need meh? hahaha

  2. Catherine says:

    Do your restaurant provide lunch set service? Do your restaurant can accommodate around 200 pax?

    • kayabutter says:

      Hi Catherine,

      I am not affiliated to Harvest Times so I can’t confirm. You can try to contact them through the contact information that I have provided at the end of the blogpost.

      Thank you for visiting our blog. πŸ™‚

  3. Jack says:

    harvest in n times if there is ‘0’ for rating I would gladly give the rating to these two lame dining outlet….the food sucks…mainly for the soup…the menu stated there gonna be soup of the day but I’d go there for consecutive 1 weeks..there’s nothing chg…for the main course…its a lame dishes n suck I had in my life…juz 2 pcs for every each of veggies they put there? what the fuck with dat? is it the owner mr. chong to stingy? the price n the food is not reasonable…moreover the service of those two rest. are not pleasant….tq… rating 1-10 I would give 0…

  4. Sharon Santhana says:

    Oo I have been here! I love it, its ambience is amazing, and I love how serene it is. The food is wonderful, and I don’t know what Jack is talking about, but I thought the price is reasonable. I love their Chicken & Romesco sauce in particular.

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