2nd Pit-Stop for Penang Heritage Food Trail – Joyous Venture 满樂屋

After a heavy meal at Soul Kitchen Trattoria, we moved to the 2nd pit-stop which is Joyous Cafe 满樂屋. Luckily they serve us desserts and healthy fruit juices. Good for us after all the cheese and pastas. 😛

Joyous Venture 满樂屋, here we come!

Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (1)

Indeed it’s a joyous venture into its shop. 🙂  The exterior of the shop is so beautiful and special. Butter has been hoping to start a cafe with this type of decoration and she’s so happy to see this photo. So cute!

Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (2)

Joyous Venture is a part of Logan Heritage Building and is located between a coffee house and Maybank. You can’t it missed the only pink colour when you turn into the lane beside Standard Chartered. It’s on your left hand side.Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (3)

A step inside Joyous Venture is also a joyous experience because of its design. Simple and cute. Its interior is white in color with pink polka dots. Butter will be so happy to see this kind of shop. It gives Kaya a feel of Taiwan. Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (4)

The Squarelet team interviewing the owners.

The four sisters started this Joyous Venture 满樂屋. They hope to deliver healthy and delicious food and a trendy place to enjoy its foods and drink, hence the design concept of the shop. They also offer unique full moon packages for babies who reach one month old. It’s a Chinese tradition to celebrate this occasion. Some example of their full moon packages. Very modern looking and cute. They combine both traditional offerings and modern offerings.

Junior Package (J2) RM 8.90
1) 2 Red Happy Eggs
2) 2 Swiss Rolls
3) 2 Ang Ku Kuih

Junior Package (J5) RM 9.90
1) 2 Red Happy Eggs
2) 2 Swiss Rolls
3) 2 Brownies

Joyous Venture S5 Packages

Standard Package (S5) RM 18.90
1) Customized Baby Card
2) 2 Ang Ku Kuih
3) 2 Happy Red Eggs
4) 2 Swiss Rolls
5) 2 Glutinous Rice
6) 2 Fruit Tarts

Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (5)

Loved the polka dot ribbon. These are the little things that make people love the place.

Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (6)

Beautiful isn’t it? But you can’t eat it. It’s a decoration at their reception counter. It’s so real.

Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (7)

Joyous Venture also offers some cakes and desserts.

Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (8)

Smiley Buns! This is Joyous Venture signature food. It’s a home recipe. By seeing the smiley bun will make you smile also. You are smiling now, right? Caught ya! 🙂Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (9)

Coffee ingredient. Specially imported from Switzerland. Many kinds of flavors.

Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (10)

Some of their full moon packages offer customised baby cards for you. Oh my God! Nowadays babies are so pampered. 🙂

Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (11)

Food bloggers aka floggers are given these fruit juices to sample.
Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (12)

Avocado Juice. Very thick and refreshing. Said to strengthen your immune system.

Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (13) Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (14)

More smileys. Good gifts for people. Good for sick people also. It’s home made and uses special cream to make the bun smile. 🙂 A great concept but the buns need more filling and cream to make it more delicious.

Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (15)

This cheese cake is a must try. Soft and not too much cheese until you feel ‘jelak’. 🙂
Joyous Venture Georgetown Penang (16)


These are the owners name cards. Left out one because the name card is not there. The owners are quite advanced. They even have QR code in their name cards. Cool.

Overall, their business concept is very interesting. Kaya loves their design concept and decorations. The fruit juices are very nice and fairly priced. The ambiance is good and relaxing and special, instead of the usual Starbucks style of Old Town White Coffee style. 😛 Too bad their place is quite small and cannot accommodate a lot of people.

Their full moon packages are worthy to check out. So, parents of almost one month old babies can pay a visit to their shop to see their full moon packages. Currently they have promotion for their full moon packages where you buy 10 free 1.

So, go and give it a try!

Contact Information

Joyous Venture/Joyous Cafe

5A Union Street 10200 Georgetown Penang Malaysia

Contact No/Tel No: 04-2610910

Website: http://www.joyousventure.com

Facebook Profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002766508146&sk=wall

Email: customerservice@joyousventure.com

Business Hours

Open daily: 10:00am – 7:00pm


3 Responses

  1. Cathlyn lee says:

    Would you consider to deliver to Kuala lumpur?

  2. Ruby Fong says:

    Hi, I would like to enquire about your Full Moon – Standard Package (RM18.90). I would like to order around 33 packets. Does it come with any like buy 10 get 1 free promotion or the like? I am staying at Tanjung Bungah, is delivery fee included?

    Best regards

    • kayabutter says:


      You can go the website that I provide at the end of the post to contact them for order and delivery. I don’t sell them. I help the shop owners to promote their products.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

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