Penang Heritage Food Trail 1st Stop: Soul Kitchen Trattoria

Last month, Kaya was selected to join Penang Heritage Food Trail, an event organised by, HTC Malaysia, In Penang Publishing House, Squarelet & Penang State Tourism Board. During the event, participants will have a chance to get up-close with the owner/owners of the restaurant/eatery and taste their food and finally answer questions to win a HTC WildFire S. It’s a very tough game, mind you. 🙂

Here is our first pit-stop, Soul Kitchen Trattoria.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (5)

Here I come. 🙂 

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (1)


Soul Kitchen Trattoria. Trattoria actually means an Italian-style eating establishment, less formal than a ristorante (means restaurant), but more formal than an osteria (a place serving wine and simple food). This is one of the questions during our contest. 🙂

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (2)

Soul Kitchen Trattoria is located near the junction of Muntri Street and Leith Street.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (3)

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (4)

This is the opening hours of Soul Kitchen Trattoria. Most of the information here are hand written. More environment friendly and saves cost too. No need to change the signboard everytime there’s changes.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (6)

Interior of Soul Kitchen Trattoria.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (7)

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (8)

The menus on the walls are all handwritten by the owners. Nice handwriting. 🙂

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (9)

Some decoration & information at the back of the dining area.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (10)

The owners of Soul Kitchen Trattoria, Michelle & Tonio. Lovely couple. There’s a love story behind this trattoria. Both of them met in Munich. Had a spark and finally got engaged in Venice and married in Kuala Lumpur and went to live in Berlin before finally setting up this trattoria in Penang. Romantic right? Being with your loved one and doing the thing that both of you love. What’s more to ask for? 🙂

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (11)

Kitchen. Clean and nicely arranged.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (12)

This is the list of food that we are going to eat. It’s really generous of the owners to let us try so many kind of foods.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (13)

During the game, actually we are allowed to use 3 lifelines through out the whole event. We get to use the latest HTC phone which is HTC Sensation XE to call the owner of the restaurant to ask for help in answering the question.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (14)

Starter: Dried Tomato Salami Entree. One tip, you must eat all the four ingredients, salami, mushroom,  together then only the ultimate taste will come out. Stupid me, eat one by one and tasted like shit! Haha. Very refreshing and able to ‘jump start’ my appetite.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (15)

Starter: Fish soup. Very fresh shrimp and nice combination of a few types of fish. Tasted very nice and a great way to start your meal.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (16)

Pasta Chicken Al Limone. One of the recommended pasta! Very refreshing taste of lemon in every bite of the chicken cubes.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (17)

Pasta Salcissia. Loved the spicy pork sausage and best of all the pork sausage is homemade. Combination of the tomatoes, herbs and Parmesan cheese is good!

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (18)

Pasta Como. Goat cheese lovers must give this a try. Combination of goat cheese and white wine with bacon and cut chilies is great for cheese & meat lover.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (19)

Pasta Salmon. Hoho… Salmon… A mere mention of this fish will make people salivate.  Fresh salmons.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (20)

Pasta Sardella. Pasta with capers, tomatoes, anchovies and olive oil.

Overall, the chefs of Soul Kitchen Trattoria is able to cook decent pastas, not too dry and QQ spaghetti with fresh ingredients. *Thumbs up 🙂

After the ‘main course’, now we are served snacks. Pizza time.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (21)

Pizza Gorgonzola with Pears. My first experience eating an oval-shaped pizza and with pears too. The crust is thin and crunchy.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (22)

Pizza Parma Ham. Ham, basil leaves and Parmesan cheese as toppings.

If you are curious about the oval shaped pizza, then you should give it a try! 🙂

Next is DESSERTS time!!! I have read hundreds of reviews (OK, I exaggerated too much) about its tiramisu and I must tell you that it really doesn’t disappoint. 🙂

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (23)

Their killer dish. Tiramisu. One of the best tiramisu in Penang! The chef, Tonio makes his own mascorpone cream and the taste is heavenly. A must try when you are there.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (24)

Lemon Flavored Panna Cotta. Loved the zesty flavor of this pudding. Panna Cotta means a type of Italian pudding. A must try. It helps you to digest your food. 🙂

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (25)

Cappucino Panna Cotta. A variation of Panna Cotta for coffee lovers.

After all those delicious food, it’s time for coffee! Whenever they brew the coffee, the whole shop will be filled with the coffee aroma. Great advertisement. 🙂 They have really nice coffee. 🙂

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (26)

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (27)

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (28)

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (29)

We raise this blue finger to get our chance to answer the question. And the HTC Sensation XE is used as lifeline to call the owner to help you to answer questions.

Soul Kitchen Georgetown Penang (30)

Overall, Soul Kitchen Trattoria is able to serve good Italian foods especially their desserts and pastas. When you are visiting this trattoria, remember to try their desserts! The atmosphere is quite homey and you get to experience the Georgetown heritage experience sitting at the al-fresco area of the shop while sipping coffee. Seating is quite limited especially weekends and you can call before you come to check whether it’s full or not.

During the question session, Kaya learnt that Jimmy Khoo, the world famous shoe designer had once used this premise as his shoe making business before moving else where and got famous. You get to feel the ‘soul’ of Jimmy Choo here. Haha 😛

Loved the friendliness and kindness of the owners. Grazie mille!!! 🙂

Contact Information

Soul Kitchen Trattoria

Address: 102 Lebuh Muntri 10200 Georgetown Penang.

Contact No/Tel No: 04-2613 118 / 012-594 3522 (Tonio/Michelle)

GPS: 5.420565, 100.334127


Facebook Page:

Business Hours

Mondays – Fridays (closed on Tuesdays) : 11;30am – 2:30pm & 6:30pm – 9:30pm.

Saturdays & Sundays: 10:00am – 2:30pm & 6:30pm – 9:30pm.

Close on Tuesdays.


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