1st Part of Penang Video Commercial Series featuring Lee Sinje, Penang Tourism Ambassador

This is the 1st part of a series of new commercial for our beloved Penang Island, the island where Kaya and Butter were born and breed.

This Penang Video Commercial was launched by The Right Honorable Y.A.B. Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang on the 4th of November at E&O Hotel. The Penang Video Commercial features Lee Sinje, an international winning actress and singer. She has a few albums and numerous award winning movies such as, Ice Kacang Puppy Love, Re-Cycle and Koma.

Lee Sinje Penang Tourism Ambassador Penang Video Commercial

KayaButter’s review after watching the video: #Fail

KayaButter is very happy that Lee Sinje is appointed to become Penang’s Tourism Ambassador. She is pretty, sweet looking and most importantly famous and has a wide following in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China and so on.

Why we say #Fail? After viewing the commercial for 30 seconds, all KayaButter can see is the beautiful face of Lee Sinje. We can’t connect Lee Sinje with Penang attractions. There’s no labeling of the places that Lee Sinje goes. You might ask where did Lee Sinje cycle that has beautiful old colonial houses. Where are the places that Lee Sinje jumps so high? Where is the place that has so many butterflies?  Only locals will know, not the would-be visitors.

And showing just biscuits and signboards and not our famous local delicacies such as Penang assam laksa which is voted at the world’s #7 most delicious food by CNN poll, char koay teow, hokkien mee, curry me, wan tan mee and so on. It makes me feel that the producer of this commercial doesn’t know a lot about Penang or it’s just a last minute job. 🙁 Pardon my rather blunt comment. 🙂

I hope that Penang State Government will do something about the upcoming Penang Video Commercials. I have high expectation for Penang Tourism to perform better since it’s under the new state government.

That’s all. Let’s pray for the best.


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