Kim Curry’s Traditional White Curry Noodle!

Kim Curry's Traditional White Curry Noodle (2)

It is happy having the chance to review one of the latest Penang white curry mee. This version is from Kim Curry. It mentions that it is Penang traditional white curry noodle with natural ingredients of chili paste, on its packet. Above is the outlook of the instant white curry noodle. It comes in 4 packets per pack(RM6.80). I cannot wait to try out how it really taste like. Will it taste almost the same like the existing brands in the market? …or will it be different?

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I find out that it is not easy to tear the packet open with bare hand. I then use scissors. Inside  the packet, there are noodle, a sachet of chili paste and a sachet of seasoning and creamer powder. Again I need to use scissors to cut the sachets open, because there is no way I can open them with hand. I think they need to improve on this.

However, once you open the sachet of chili paste, u can smell the strong aroma of the chili. Immediately, I think the soup will be good.

Kim Curry's Traditional White Curry Noodle (4)

I did not add in anything like vegetables. prawn or clam, just because I want to taste the original flavour of it. The soup is just nice and not too thick and not too creamy as the other brands. For me, if it is too creamy, I can not really stand it, because it is nothing similar to the real Penang curry mee. Kim curry put in lemon grass and other spices to its soup, which is considered a brilliant move. It makes its soup much better than other brands. I would like to have another bowl immediately after the first one. Overall, it is quite impressive.

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  1. Hong says:

    this is also quite good..however it would be even better if you can meticulously taste Ah Lai, Kim and Penang White curry and then make a table for comparison on their taste….hehehe…

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