House of KoloMee @ D’Piazza Mall, Bayan Baru, Penang!

*All photos are taken with Samsung Note 2 and Samsung S4. Sorry for the quality of the photo since KayaButter didn’t bring our Nikon D7000*

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This eatery is introduced by Butter’s sister. She told us that many of her colleagues come here for their lunches and also their dinners. She also insisted that this is a must try. 🙂 So, after Butter fetched Kaya from Penang International Airport as Kaya just finished his KL tour assignment, KayaButter went to try this outlet together with Butter’s sister and her boyfriend.

When you mention kolo mee, first thing you will think of is Sarawak. Yes, kolo mee is as ubiquitous to Sarawak as cats to Kuching, the state capital of Sarawak. Kolo mee is consumed by Sarawakians any time any day, from breakfast until supper. That’s amazing, I would say. 🙂 After reading Facebook posts of my Sarawakians friends about this eatery for so long, this is my first time trying.

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The setting of the shop is rather hawker style and nothing to shout about but many come to this shop for its famous delicious kolo mee and its reasonable pricing. One thing to notice is that there is no server to serve and everything is self-service. You need to place your order by yourself at a DIY electronic kiosk.

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Rather high tech I would say as the touch screen responded well and the menus and selection given is clear cut and concise. The weird thing is that you can only order up to four dishes at one order. If you have to order more than 4 dishes, then you need to order your dishes on a new order. Not sure whether the system is to help the chef and kitchen people to cook easier and less stress by limiting the dishes per order or there is a bug that needed to be fixed. KayaButter didn’t ask.

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After you select ‘OK’ for your order, a smiling chef will be shown on the screen and remember to pick up the order chit besides the computer. The number given will let you know when your order is served. The speed of the food prepared is fast given the fact that the ingredients are all prepared earlier and the chef just need to cook everything again and according to your taste. 🙂

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 What a number for me to snap my photo! Haha! Everyday die! 1 is called yat in Cantonese and also sounded like everyday and 4 is called sei in Cantonese which means die. Hence, everyday die!

House of KoloMee @ D'Piazza Mall Bayan Baru Penang (6) House of KoloMee @ D'Piazza Mall Bayan Baru Penang (7)

The blue container besides the Herbal Tea dispenser contains ice cube. Kaya does not know after Kaya sees other people taking ice cubes from there.

Kaya is not sure whether the boss is from Sarawak hence the special way of doing business. There is a complimentary soup for you to take as many times as you like and mind you, the soup is good, unlike some of the free soup given with lots of MSG. And the plain water is also free and you also get free refills. Besides that, you can choose to have herbal tea, Nescafe’s Ice Lemon Tea or Honey Green Tea and they come with free refills. And you know what, the cost of each cup is only RM1. That’s why KayaButter are thinking whether this boss is local or not? 🙂

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As you enter the shop, you will notice two big signboards on your left. That’s where you see their menu and choose your kolo mee to your liking. You can choose the original flavor, sambal aka chilli-based sauce Asian style or red, using char siew oil. I saw many choose the Red flavor. Then you choose the toppings and there are side dishes that you can order too.

House of KoloMee @ D'Piazza Mall Bayan Baru Penang (9)The big Kuching (cat in Malay) smiling at you with its RM1 free flow of drink.

House of KoloMee @ D'Piazza Mall Bayan Baru Penang (11)

Angchow Kolo Mee with Original flavor. RM6.00 (Big) Additional Mee is RM0.50. Hence the small one is RM5.50.

House of KoloMee @ D'Piazza Mall Bayan Baru Penang (12)

Vege Delight Kolo Mee with Red flavor. (Small) RM4.00

Kaya ordered Angchow Kolo Mee. The chicken is red in color and has red wine smell in it. The main focus is not on the chicken but the noodles itself. The noodles looks special as you don’t usually see this type of noodles. And the noodles are so chewy or what the Taiwanese often say, Q-Q! 😛 That noodles really made the whole meal different and also its seasoning. 🙂 It is almost like wan tan mee but very different. Everyone should try it!

Butter ordered Original Kolo Mee and the difference is just the topping. And if you wish to reduce your calorie intake, then order Vege Delight like Butter’s sister. 🙂

For those who miss their Sarawak laksa, fret not. They also serve Sarawak laksa. KayaButter have not tried it yet but will do so one day. 🙂

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There are good reviews for House of Kolomee at Foursquare. And there is even a Foursquare user who says that the kolo mee tastes like the ones in Sarawak. That’s a good testimony and at first glance, I though that this guy is Kenny Sia, our famous Malaysian blogger who is from Sarawak also but he is not. Haha 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂

contact information

House of Kolo Mee
70-1-66, D’Piazza Mall,Jalan Mahsuri,
Bandar Bayan Baru, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
HP No: 016-8006717
Facebook Page:

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6 Responses

  1. Ken says:

    I like their noodles too! Cheap and good, and their soup is surprisingly good!

  2. Kelvin Tan says:

    Something new to me pertaining to the order system

    • kayabutter says:

      Hi Kelvin,

      Yeah. The order system is rather new. Since the price is rather affordable, not many will complain. Just that the limit of 4 dishes per order is kinda weird. 🙂

  3. Kuching-Lang says:

    Actually the boss/chef is from Kuching and used to work in Intel.. hence the high tech order system 🙂

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