An Ideal Couples Celebration Restaurant, Heaven Gate Restaurant & Lounge @ Georgetown, Penang!

Nestled in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Georgetown, Heaven Gate offers Penangites, tourists and expats a different fine dining experience. Winner of TripAdvisor  2014 Certificate of Excellence with 4.5 stars rating, KayaButter are excited to go back to the restaurant to check out their new menu. You can check out our previous food review and more photos of Heaven Gate HERE. We will concentrate on its new menu for this blogpost.

Once you step into the restaurant, you will be automatically transformed into the Roman architecture and ambience with a lot of Greek-inspired statues. The Rainbow Bar as what the owner calls it definitely stood out and will command most of your attention except the guy/girl that you bring there! :-P. The multitude of colours will definitely brighten up even your worst day! We are greeted with a friendly waitress who is very knowledgeable with all the food available in their menu. Thank you for your prompt service and humble attitude in explaining the menu.

She also shows me the 2nd floor where the lounge is. Very spacious with opulent Greek design. You can have private function or party on the 2nd floor if you want. Usually they have bookings from factories and corporation for their own private events. 🙂 They do wine pairing events also if you are a big fan of wine.

Oh ya, ladies will definitely love this mirror. You can see yourself from many different angles when you stand in front of it. Too bad that KayaButter are too focused on reviewing their food. 🙂

Let’s do a #CoupFie before we start our set dinner!

Kaya learning how to pose. An upcoming model 😛 Kaya finds that he is too ‘kayu‘ (Malay term for wood). Haha 🙂

We ordered the set dinner for our romantic dinner. Kaya’s choice of main course is House Specialty Duck (RM58.90) whereas Butter’s choice of main course is Chicken Cacciatore (RM32.90). You just need to add RM35 to have a full course dinner which comes with a soup, an appetiser, a main course and a dessert. KayaButter find that the price at Heaven Gate is very affordable and competitive, compared with Mansion 32, Suffolk House and the latest addition to the fine dining scene, Farquhar Mansion.


Classical Chicken Velouté

Velouté has been listed by a legendary French chef, Auguste Escoffier in his book in the 19th century as one of the five ‘mother sauces’ in French cuisines. It is a type of white sauce usually cooked with a light stock such as chicken or fish. The soup that we have tonight is strong in flavour and we like it that way. It comes with chicken slices and a slice of bread. We have been told by the waitress that the bread we are served follows the original recipe which is hard. We tried it and we still feel that we prefer a softer bread to improve the overall dining experience.

Forest Wild Mushroom Soup

One thing special about this mushroom soup is that the mushrooms are fried before they are made into soups. The verdict? Well, it is not bad and quite decent. It comes with a prawn dumpling which gives the mushroom a little different taste. Comparing Classical Chicken Velouté with Forest Wild Mushroom Soup, we prefer the latter.


House Specialty Garden Salad

With the addition of seaweed and roes, it makes this garden salad feels Japanese. 🙂 The salmon gravlax adds extra taste to the rather green and bland taste of salad with a slight taste of saltiness. A rather decent garden salad.

Pan Seared Diver Scallops

This appetiser WINS hands down. The mango salsa sauce with balsamic vinaigrette and mango cubes combined with the tender, juicy and crispy crust of scallops makes this appetiser heavenly. The scallops literally melts after you have put them in your mouth. The salad is mixed together with honey soya sauce with lemon juice. This salad is unexpectedly good! This is really a special dining experience and leaves us wanting for more. KayaButter strongly recommend this. 🙂

Chicken Cacciatore RM32.90

Cacciatore, in Italian, means ‘hunter’. If you see ala cacciatore or alla cacciatore in menus, it means that the dish is prepared ‘hunter-style’. It means that the dish is usually cooked with bell peppers, herbs, onions, tomatoes and sometimes wine. The chicken cacciatore sauce is prepared au jus (a French phrase which means with (its own) juice) mixed with brown sauce and red wine. The chicken meat is tender and easy to chew. It is a pretty decent dish.

House Specialty Duck RM58.90

This is one AWESOME duck meat! For someone who is not a big fan of duck meat, this statement carries a lot weight. KayaButter STRONGLY recommend this! Each bite of this duck breast makes me want for more. The duck meat is smoked and glazed with a layer of honey. The things that make this duck meat stands out is that the duck meat is tender and does not have the ‘ducky’ taste and not chewy at all. These are the combination of winning duck dish. You would mistaken it as roasted ‘char siew’ (BBQ pork) if you are not told earlier. 🙂 The combination of orange chutney brings the flavour and taste of the duck meat to another different level with a mixture of orangey, slight sourish and slightly extra sweetness taste.

Oh ya, the mashed potato prepared by Heaven Gate is a BIG WINNER! KayaButter never tasted such a good mashed potate. It is very fine, soft and fragrant. They are very generous with the butter. Butter can’t stop eating the mashed potato after she tasted it. Please try that!

Asian Twisted Mango Crème Brûlée

This is their signature dessert. The mango crème brûlée has some slices of mango in it. So, it is prepared fresh daily. They only prepare around 10-15 each day as the crème brûlée will be easily spoilt. They will burn the crème brûlée after you place your order. The blueberries and strawberries are given to balance the sweetness of crème brûlée. Butter prefers the previous version of crème brûlée which is vanilla flavour. They seldom do that flavour already. They do have green tea and Baileys flavour also but they rarely do that.

Chocolate Brownie

The chocolate brownie is served hot as they will bake the brownie after you order. This is to ensure the quality and the taste of the brownie. This dessert is a combination of hot and cold element whereby the brownie is hot and the chocolate ice cream is cold. The caramel biscuit is AWESOME! 🙂 The chocolate brownie is very rich in chocolate flavour and it is a good ending for our wonderful fine dining dinner.

The happy faces of KayaButter after a gastronomical delight and romantic night of fine dining.

All in all, Heaven Gate provides patrons of fine dining another good choice of luxury dining experience with strong Greek-&-Roman-influenced ambience and a selection of good fusion dishes. Their Rainbow Bar is an instance favourite and the friendly and attentive staffs make the dining experience a memorable one. One thing to note is that their pathway to the washrooms is a bit of a letdown as you are immediately transported to a normal Malaysian restaurant ambience. More work is need to ensure that the ambience and surrounding are consistent and complete. That said, Heaven Gate is definitely the place to bring your loved ones or your family members for a special fine and luxury dining without breaking the bank. 🙂

contact information

Heaven Gate Lounge & Restaurant
1A, King Street,
Georgetown, Penang.
Contact No: 012-488 5979
GPS 5.419837, 100.341171

business hours


12:00pm – 12:00am

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