Cannot Detect Toshiba FlashAir W-03 SD Card After Plugging Into DSLR?

Kaya has been contemplating to sell off our Nikon D7000 to buy a Micro Four-Third camera for a while already. Kaya was eyeing for either Sony NEX series or Panasonic GF series due to the weight factor and WiFi capabilities. Nikon D7000 is seriously very heavy compared to these cameras. KayaButter felt it the most when we attend events that requires us to carry that DSLR for long hours. Another thing is the inability to transfer some of the photos to share directly at our Facebook page.

After contemplating for a long while, suddenly, Kaya has another idea. We can buy a SD card that has WiFi capabilities which Kaya has read some time ago. This is definitely a very good solution as Butter is someone who is very sentimental and does not like to sell off stuffs that she likes (hinting the Nikon D7000) and Kaya will get the WiFi capabilities that Kaya wants! 🙂

Hence, ta da…

Cannot Detect Toshiba FlashAir W-03 SD Card After Plugging Into DSLR (1)\ Cannot Detect Toshiba FlashAir W-03 SD Card After Plugging Into DSLR (2)

Toshiba FlashAir W-03, the latest model of the W series (W-01 & W-02)

Kaya purchased this from together with my blogger friend, Dr Hong ( The selling price is RM85 and we managed to get a good deal which is RM70 each. We managed to get the Hari Raya promotion of RM30 off for every purchase exceeding RM100 (RM85 X 2 = RM170 – RM30 = RM140/2 = RM70).

After two days of waiting, finally Kaya got his toy. After plugging the card into Nikon D7000, Kaya can’t detect the SSID of the Toshiba FlashAir SD Card which goes with ‘flashair_XXXXX’. Kaya was down and freaked out. Kaya has check the compatibility of FlashAir with Nikon D7000 and the official Toshiba website said so.

By the way, for your information, even though we ordered Toshiba FlashAir W-02, we received Toshiba FlashAir W-03 which is a blessing in disguise at first because it is a newer model until I found out that Nikon D7000 is not supported by FlashAir W-03. 🙁 Big bummer! Suddenly, two meme pop into Kaya’s mind.

Cannot Detect Toshiba FlashAir W-03 SD Card After Plugging Into DSLR (7)

Cannot Detect Toshiba FlashAir W-03 SD Card After Plugging Into DSLR (8)

Luckily after some Googling, finally Kaya managed to find the solution, just switch on the freaking Live View function and ta da… you can finally detect your FlashAir’s WiFi. That freaking easy! 😛 Kaya suspects that the FlashAir needs extra electricity to power up the WiFi functions. No wonder point and shoot cameras do not have such problems because they usually use Live View mode! Hurray! My blogger friend who uses Nikon D5200 faces the same problem and after switching on Live View, the problem is solved.

You can download the Toshiba FlashAir app to better manage your photos in your smart devices in case you are not familiar with the FTPs:

For iOS:
For Android:

After you downloaded the app, open the app and follow the instruction. Remember to switch on the Live View on your DSLR. And you will see the FlashAir’s SSID when you search for it in WiFi area. The default password is 12345678 when you linked to the card for the 1st. After connected, the app will prompt you to change your SSID and the password to safeguard your data.

Personally, Kaya finds that the setup is very straightforward and Toshiba should write this instruction of switching on Live View mode to use the FlashAir card for DSLRs clearly to reduce the WTF moments. The photos from DSLR takes around 10 seconds to finish loading which is a bit slow but well, it does it work!

Hooray! Next time when KayaButter attend events, we can upload photos from our Nikon D7000! 🙂

To get your Toshiba FlashAir from, click here.

7 Responses

  1. Nullop says:

    Thanks for the info. It helped me get the card working in my D5200.

  2. Joe G says:

    Thank you very much for this! I was going nuts trying to figure out what was going on with my D7000 and the Flashair card.

    Though this feels like a bug, it’s actually *kind of* a feature for me, because it lets me essentially save the whole phone image transfer step for a bulk operation after I’m done taking all the photos I need. This still allows me to use my phone as the intermediary device for putting these photos online, and saving the photos to a cloud-sharing drive on the phone gets them into Google once I review and download the photos I want.

  3. James says:

    Thanks for this post! I almost lost hope on the FlashAir with my Nikon D3200.

  4. Nikon man says:

    If you want to connect without using live view try going into metering/exposure settings in camera and then set auto meter off delay to 10min
    It worked for me

  5. Hishamuddin Alham says:

    I am very happy that I read.this posting. I was about to return my SD Card. I will try shortly. Thanks.

  6. Brian Bjeldbak says:

    Thank you very much of rposting this great tip about LiveView to connect the Toshiba FlashAir! I’d never had figured that out by myself. Works fine for Nikon D3 🙂

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