[Invited Review] 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu/ Tong Park Fu @ All Seasons Place, Farlim!!!

This is Kaya’s 1st time visiting All Seasons Place, Farlim after passing the places for months whenever Kaya goes to give tuition to his student. Kaya is actually quite impressed with the beauty of All Seasons Place. The fluorescent light elevators are very attractive at night.

And this time, Kaya is invited to review 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu Desserts Shop. 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu introduced new dishes into their menu and I can tell you that they did things right this time. They expanded their menu to include main dishes and a lot more finger foods and desserts. Now you can dine or have your lunch there. The management employed a former 5-star chef to cook all the main dishes for them.

This will be a 4-series blogposts featuring 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu foods. Kaya will introduce them in parts.

The interior of 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu & All Seasons Place, Farlim.糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu Tong Park Fu All Seasons Place Farlim (3)

糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu has been featured in local newspapers before. 糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu has expanded since they started 2 years ago. They have branches in Raja Uda, Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Tikus, Farlim, Sungai Petani, D Piazza Mall and 1st Avenue.

Pumpkin Chicken Set Dinner with Salad, Soup of the Day and Dessert of the Day RM17.90

The chicken is very crunchy and the portion is average. The pumpkin sauce blends well with it. The mushroom soup is thick and does taste like prepared from canned mushroom soup. The fries are good too but a bit too salty. Not sure because the chef accidentally put it too much but you can ask them to reduce the saltiness when you order. Crunchy and tasty.

Fish & Chips with Tartar Sauce RM12.80

The tartar is very nice. Fresh with a lot of lemon juice. One of my friend ate this sauce just as it is because it is very nice. You know who you are. The fish portion is quite small. And it lacks the crunchiness. Feedback has been given and Kaya believes improvements will be made. 🙂

Plum Sweet Potato Fries RM4.80

A hot dish among bloggers. This dish finished the fastest. Very inviting and nonstop. Good as appetiser or as a finisher.

Salt Pepper Squid RM7.80

A very good finger food. Tastes good and flavor is thick. Good as finger food.

Chinese Burger RM4.80

A very nice food to chew on. Looks so CUTE!!!

Loh Mai Kai RM4.80

Awesomeness. Kaya is big big fan of loh mai kai. And the loh mai kai is sticky, sweet and the ‘kou gan’ or texture is good.

That’s all for now. That’s the 1st part. Hope you all enjoy it. More to come!!!

contact information

糖伯府 Tang Bo Fu/ Tong Park Fu
All Seasons Place, Lebuhraya Thean Teik, Farlim 11500 Penang.
Main Office Contact No: +604-3248564
Email address: [email protected] 
FB: FB Fan Page
Website: http://www.tongparkfu.com/

business hours

Day: Daily
Time: 12:00pm – 12:00am

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