[INVITED REVIEW] Eastern & Oriental Hotel Sarkies – Chef Petr’s Catch Seafood Buffet

[INVITED REVIEW] Eastern & Oriental Hotel Sarkies - Chef Petr's Catch Seafood Buffet

It has been a while that KayaButter to go for food reviews. This time around we are reviewing Eastern & Oriental Hotel’s Sarkies’ Chef Petr’s Catch Seafood Buffet that is happening every Wednesday.

Upon entering Sarkies, we are greeted with such a big Christmas tree. Full of dessert goodies. Awakens the child in side us. 😛

Here you can order your grilled food such as lamb, satay, hot dog and so on. If you are lucky, you can catch a glimpse of Chef Petr.

And here is Kaya’s favorite corner. The desserts corner. You can order your crepe and ice cream and put on all the dressings that you want. And the selection of desserts are so plenty that you must remember not to stuff too much seafood to accommodate the delicious desserts.

All the main courses here are above par. Kaya and Butter particularly liked the baked potatoes and went back for a few times for a serving.

Here are the main attractions of the day. Seafood extravaganza!!! Eat all you can, seafood lovers!!!

This is the part where all sashimi lovers will salivate! It is very fresh and we had a lot. Like lots!!!

This is one of the highlights of the night. Imported Alaska Snow Crab. My first time trying. A bit salty but sweet. A good combination.

And one thing, Sarkies at E&O Hotel serves some very good breads. Butter went back for her 3rd serving. It was that nice. Have it together with butter (pun intended)

Kaya trying out the Alaskan Crab Claws!

Good slurps of oysters! 🙂

The usual selections of fruits. KayaButter love how they cut the fruits into small cubes for easier consumption.

Our ‘catch’ for the night! 😛

Lots of desserts for you to select from! KayaButter love what we had!

Overall, there is a lot selection of food for you to choose from. The ambiance at E&O Sarkies Restaurant is definitely very good with a lot of British India influence. We enjoyed their desserts too and the good and friendly staffs. With its price though, we expect to have more selection in terms of seafood.

contact information

Sarkies Restaurant
Eastern & Oriental Hotel (E&O Hotel)
10, Lebuh Farquhar,
10200 Georgetown Penang.
Tel No: +604-222 2000
GPS: 5.423624, 100.334988

business hours

Daily (Chef Petr’s Catch Buffet is only on Wednesdays only)

7:00pm – 10:00pm


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