Heaven Gate Penang – A Fantastic Fine Dining Experience (Invited Review)

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Heaven Gate is a perfect place to have fine dining, enjoying wine & leisure. It provides excellent food at value pricing with fun packaging and atmosphere. This classy restaurant situated inside the Unesco Heritage Site, which is very near to the seaside of Esplanade, Fort Cornwallis, the Clock Tower and the Swettenham Port. Thus, it is a strategic location to have a romantic stroll after the dinner. The restaurant started since 17 November 2012.

View From The Outside
Heaven Gate King Street Penang (1)
The entrance simply looks like a real heaven’s gate. 

The Interior
The eye-catching environment welcomes me, when I step into the restaurant. I love the theme and the attracting decorations. The furnitures and fittings are nicely arrange throughout the restaurant. It is like entering to a different world, which is so romantic!

Heaven Gate King Street Penang (4)

Heaven Gate King Street Penang (9)

Heaven Gate King Street Penang (2)

Heaven Gate King Street Penang (5)

The Cuisine

The Soup Of The Day
Heaven Gate King Street Penang (15)

Cream of Pumpkin Soup
RM 10.90

It is sweet and creamy! Not bad.

Heaven Gate King Street Penang (16)

Classic Onion Clear Soup
RM 8.90

 I personally like this soup very much because the aroma of the herbs of oregano and thyme really increases my appetite.

The Main Courses


Heaven Gate King Street Penang (17)

Crispy Baked Sea Bass served with Cream of Almond Sauce
RM 38.00
This is my favorite main course. The fish is very freshly prepared and it was very crispy. As I grow up in the family which distributes seafood, I never tolerate with fishes which are not fresh. The minute when the fish enters my mouth, my taste buds would automatically sense the quality of it. I am trained to do so since I am little. So, for seafood, especially fishes, I am a little picky. However, this dish impresses me. 

Heaven Gate King Street Penang (18)Lamb Shank 
RM 68.00


This lamb shank is totally different from what I had at other restaurant. I seldom order lamb shank to consume when I had western meal, simply because I am not the fan of it. To my surprise, I actually fell in love with the lamb shank in Heaven Gate! When I eat it, I feel like eating chicken, not lamb! It is amazingly soft and tender, minus the smell of lamb. Later, I am told that it is cooked for 4 hours, to achieve this result. Bravo to the cook!



Heaven Gate King Street Penang (19)

Laksa Pesto
RM 24.00

Believe me, you never have paste like this else where. At first sight, I am not sure whether I will agree with it, as it looks greenish, and nothing like pasta I had seen before. After trying, I think it is the most unique pasta I have ever had. As we know, Laksa is a famous local food. Nobody ever mix Laksa with italian noodles like this before. It turns out to be a great combination. I actually enjoy the aroma of the Laksa flowers lingering in my mouth.

Heaven Gate King Street Penang (20)

King Prawn Grilled Chicken
RM 38.00

The chicken is carefully wrapped around the prawn, which is baked till done. Thus, the moisture and the taste of prawn still well preserve in it. The dish is crispy from the outside, but juicy and original in taste from the inside. I have to admit that the chicken is deliciously cooked. This is one of my favourite dish.

Heaven Gate King Street Penang (21)Miso Cod Fish with Butter Tomato Sauce
RM 78.00

The cod fish is surprisingly in big portion. According to the person in charge, they normally serve 200g to 220g of cod fish, which is more than what we order in other restaurant. 


The Dessert

Heaven Gate King Street Penang (22)Panna Cota
RM 12.90

Oh my God, I really love this dessert! I can’t stop taking it until it is finished. It looks like pudding but it doesn’t taste like any pudding I had in any hotel restaurant. It is so different. It magically melts in my mouth once it enters. It is so milky and creamy. It’s like sweet milky tauhu!
Heaven Gate King Street Penang (23)Marble Cheese Cake 
RM 12.90

The cake is very rich in cheesy taste and really smooth. The biscuit-like thingy is made of cornflakes and chocolate. It has a very rich chocolatey taste. The best way to eat is to combine this two together. Wow, you will feel like you are in heaven!

Heaven Gate King Street Penang (24)

Creme Brulee 
RM 10.90
So far, I never satisfy with any Creme Brulee I had before, until I have this. It is the best I have ever had! The brown sugar on the outer layer is thin and crispy. The inner one is so creamy and milky. I feel myself sinking happily in vanilla cream. 



Overall, the environment and the food is satisfying and worth the price. The service is not bad either. The most important is the food prepared here is very original, without MSG. The portion is big and the dishes are classical for fine dining. I really have an enjoyable experience here. Looking forward to come back to have another meal soon.


Contact Information

Heaven Gate King Street Penang (25)

 Heaven Gate Restaurant

Business hours

Daily 12:00 pm – 12:00 am


1A, Lebuh King, Georgetown,
10200 Penang,

GPS Location

5.419837, 100.341171

Contact Number

012-488 5979



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