Old Green House Coffee Shop @ Burma Road, Georgetown!

KayaButter goes town area or what the locals used to call Georgetown, Tanjung to buy a new dog food for our Pomeranian, Cupid. The pet supplies shop is located at the corner of Jalan Talipon called Puppy Love Saloon. Too bad that it is closed at the time we reached there, near 8pm. Since we are in town area, we decide to go to Old Green House coffee shop for our favourite bah kut teh aka pork rib soup and chicken porridge.

Old Green House Coffee Shop @ Burma Road, Georgetown (1)

Old Green House Coffee Shop @ Burma Road, Georgetown (2)

Old Green House Coffee Shop @ Burma Road, Georgetown (3)

Old Green House coffee shop is famous for the Hokkien Mee aka Prawn Noodles. KayaButter used to come here for our Hokkien Mee fix. Nowadays, we seldom go there anymore since it is overrated and too commercialised. The soup lost its strong prawn flavour and thickness. The price is getting higher and the people are a bit rude. Nevertheless, many people still go there because there is a variety of add-ons to choose from.

Old Green House Coffee Shop @ Burma Road, Georgetown (4)

Old Green House Coffee Shop @ Burma Road, Georgetown (5)

Now Kaya goes there for the bah kut teh and Butter loves the chicken porridge. The bah kut teh is the best ever in the whole of Penang, based on Kaya’s taste buds and the bah kut tehs that Kaya has tasted before. They are quite systematic. Do remember to order from the lady in red. You also need to remember your seat position and near to which stall. They remember your order according to your seat. You can always add-on ingredients.

Old Green House Coffee Shop @ Burma Road, Georgetown (6)

Bah Kut Teh for one person, RM9.50

First of all, the soup is very thick and aromatic. The taste of the herbs is strong and very stimulating. The soup is errs on the sweet side which is good for Kaya since Kaya has a sweet tooth. If you don’t like sweet soup, then this might not be you claypot of bah kut teh :-P. Actually, Kaya orders the bah kut teh for its soup only. The bah kut teh also has a full button mushroom which is a plus point! 🙂 Kaya is not a fan of internal organs. So, my bah kut teh has a lot of meatballs. Haha!

The pork rib is well cooked and the aroma of the herbs goes deep into the meats. Well done! Oh ya, the tofu is soft and nice to chew. The yew char kueh is also well fried and not too hard. It is best taken when soaked together with the soup. If only the boss are more willing to give more soup, then that will be perfect. You can always ask them to refill the soup for you. Do ask them to refill more as the boss is a bit stingy with the soup. It is understandable also because the soup is quite costly because of the herbs. The price is considered a bit high but the quality is there.

Old Green House Coffee Shop @ Burma Road, Georgetown (7)

This is our favourite porridge stall. They serve very good steamed chicken with soy sauce.

Old Green House Coffee Shop @ Burma Road, Georgetown (8)

Chicken Porridge RM3.50

The chicken porridge is very fine and mixes well with the ginger. The ginger is cut into small pieces and gives a very fragrant smell. The chicken is slightly salted with the soy sauce and gives a sweet end taste to the porridge. For today’s meal, the porridge fails miserably as the chicken porridge is not fine enough and there are lumps of porridge which give a rather uncomfortable chewing sensation. The ginger is not fragrant also. Butter is disappointed. By the way, many people love their steamed chicken and orders them to eat together with their meals.

Another thing that KayaButter notice is that many people also order Curry Mee. Next time, Kaya might want to try it. 🙂

contact information

Old Green House Coffee Shop
223, Burma Road,
Georgetown, Penang.

business hours

Monday – Saturday

8pm – late night (We are not sure the actual time as there is no sign of it. This is our guess)

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    I know the place. Many delicious food. ^v^

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