Kate Tokyo Summer Beauty Workshop 2014

Malaysia is a warm country and it stays summer at all times throughout the year. I have always wanted to look different and vibrant everyday. In order to keep myself updated, I have been looking for makeup workshop of current trend, for quite awhile. I am looking forward to learn some Korean style of makeup.

Kate Tokyo Workshop 2014_1


I am so happy and grateful that I am invited to the Kate Summer Beauty Workshop on Sunday 29th June at Euro Deli Biergarten (Ground Floor Plaza Gurney). The event starts at 10am till 1pm.


I guess that I am the first one who arrive at the venue. The event incharge people are busy setting up the place. The environment is comfortable with a little stage at the corner.

A set of make up tools is put on every table. I am thrilled seeing so many colors.I had never use Kate product before and I guess today I get the chance to use them all. Omg, so happy!

The person-in-charge, Desmond is giving an opening speech for all the guests.

Stevensunny is our makeup guru. He was an artist who paints on paper, but now he is a well-known makeup artist who paints on skin. He is full of experiences in makeup for many famous artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and etc. Karen Mok is one of his clients. He is friendly, creative, and skillful. His workshop is very interactive and not boring at all.

According to Stevensunny, foundation is very important for every woman and man. He also wears foundation everyday to separate our skin from the dirt in the air. Foundation also helps to even our skin tone and covers some of our blemish and light scars. According to him, foundation is an important base for every makeup. If we do not apply the foundation well, the result of our makeup will not look good.

Concealer is needed for people with dark circle at the eyes and serious blemishes and scars. I love the Stick Concealer (Light beige) of Kate and buy one with my RM30 voucher after the workshop. It is really easy to apply and has great result.

By the way, eyeliner is a must for everyone, according to Stevensunny. He says that applying eyeliner makes our eyes more energetic and looks fresh. I love Kate Quick Eyeliner very much. It is easy to apply and save up times. Kate Super Sharp Eyeliner is a good gadget that fine enough to apply below and between the lashes.

Stevensunny helps me doing final touchup.


After everything is done, I take a photo with sifu Stevensunny and Gillian, the blogger. Overall, I am quite impressed with the workshop. I really learn a lot of make up tips and ways. I am looking forward for their next workshop.


Kate Tokyo Summer Beauty Workshop 2014_ 12

* I am overjoyed that I was given a RM500 voucher to purchase their product. A big thanks to Kate Tokyo.  The above are the list of products that I am claiming with this voucher. The good news is that it is on the way to me now. Waiting very excitedly for the courier service staff to ring my door bell. 

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