The Best Fish Meat Bee Hoon Soup in Penang!!!

Air Itam Fish Bee Hoon Soup Penang 1

The fish bee hoon stall is in Min Jiang Coffee Shop. Sorry for the bad photo quality. The pictures are taken using iPhone 3GS.

This fish meat bee hoon soup stall has been Kaya & Butter’s favorite ever since my customer introduced it to me in 2005. Both of us have been eating this on and off for 7 years already. The quality of the fish meat bee hoon soup has been maintained quite well for the past 7 years.

Every time Kaya or Butter feels not so well or unhealthy or simply wishes to detox, we will drive to Min Jiang Cafe, where the fish meat bee hoon soup at, to have our fix.

This stall is very famous among Penangites especially those who lives in Farlim, Air Itam and Paya Terubong area. You will have to wait a least 15 minutes to get your bowl of piping hot fish meat bee hoon soup. When the stall has a lot of customers, you sometimes have to wait until 45 minutes or 1 hour at times to get your order.

The boss and also the person who fries the fish meats.

The fish meat bee hoon soup is actually a very simple meal. The key ingredient that attracts so many people to eat the dish and so many people coming back again is the fried fish meat. The fish meat is SOOOOOOOOOOO CRISPY!!! Another thing is that the fried fish meat remains crispy even though it has been in the soup for the whole while you are eating the bee hoon. It’s really magical. I wonder how does this guy fries the fish meat. I have tried other fish meat bee hoon and after a while eating the soup, the fried fish meat will become soft and less crispy.

One thing that I noticed is that this stall practised management concept which is job specialization. The boss will specialize in frying the fish meat. One thing that I noticed is that the boss has a special skill. He is unaffected by the environment. No matter how many customers are waiting or how many customers are waiting unhappily, he will still be frying the fish steadily and unaffected. Amazing!

Then his subordinate who is the shortest of them all will be the one who will be in-charge of cooking the fish bee hoon. Another reason that the fish bee hoon is so nice is because each of the fish bee hoon is cooked individually. No matter how many people are ordering the fish bee hoon, they will still cook fish bee hoon one bowl once at a time. One thing that I hope they will improve is that they will add another stove for them to cook fish bee hoon to shorten our waiting time.

Then, there is another tall but skinny guy who will be in-charge of serving the fish bee hoon to all the customers. This uncle is not so friendly. He will just put the fish bee hoon on your table and take the money from you. No smile or anything except you already knew him for a long time. Maybe because he needs to serve a lot of customers. Still, it’s kinda special that they still have presentation skill. Each bowl of fish bee hoon will have 5 pieces of fried fish meat, arranged in a starfish shape. So cute! 🙂

Even the cook is so busy, he still has time to arrange the fish meat in starfish shape. 🙂

The price of each bowl of fish bee hoon is RM5. **9/Dec/14 Update: The price is RM5.50 now. If you wish to add the noodles, you need to add RM0.50. For those who can eat a lot, they should add RM0.50 for the extra noodles.

Please give this a try! 🙂

The coffee shop is also very famous for tomyam maggie. The stall serves fresh seafood such as fish, prawns and squids. The nasi kandar stall is also very nice. 🙂

It’s located at Jalan Air Itam. Kaya didn’t manage to get the exact address but I can guide you.

If you are coming from Chung Ling High School, go straight after the traffic light. And you will see BHP petrol station on your left and you will see another traffic light. Try to move your vehicle to your left. Go straight after the traffic light and get ready to turn left as you will see a row of shophouses on your left. You can turn in to park your car if there is a vacant space and the shophouses are closed. Please park at your own risk ya. The coffee shop is just opposite the row of shophouses. Otherwise, after the traffic light, try to drive to the right and you will see a Shell petrol station on your right. Turn right and you can park there safely yet you need to pay RM1 or RM0.50 to the illegal park attendant.

If you are coming from Paya Terubong, you will reach Air Itam roundabout. Turn 3 o’clock. Go straight and you will see Shell petrol station on your left. Turn in and park your car but you will need to pay the illegal attendant RM1 or RM0.50. Walk down the road towards Chung Ling High School and the coffee shop is just on your left.

Contact information

MIn Jiang Coffee Shop
Jalan Air Itam Penang.

business hours

Opens daily except Sundays
730pm – 12midnight

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