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Eastin Hotel Penang August 2014 Buffet Theme - Magnificient Malaysia (12) 0

Eastin Hotel Penang August 2014 Buffet Theme – Magnificent Malaysia!!!

31st August is a date that means a lot to Malaysians. Well, to all Malaysians and those who work in Malaysia, it is a public holiday. It is also to recognize and mark the day that Peninsular Malaysia is free from the colonial rule. 31st August 1957 to be exact. So for this nationalistic month, Eastin Hotel Penang is proud to introduce their August’s buffet theme which is, of course, called as Magnificent Malaysia where many Malaysia’s multi-cultural dishes will be found. You can find cuisines of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Eurasian specialties.


Eastin Hotel Penang July 2014 Buffet Theme – Peranakan Cuisine!!!

During the same day of review, Eastin Hotel Penang simultaneously introduced their July Buffet Theme which is Peranakan Cuisine for lunch (for non-Muslim) and dinner (after fasting month which is 28th-31st July 2014). Butter is very full after eating so many delicious dishes from the Ramadan Buffet Dinner. So, Butter will just introduce you some of the highlights of their Peranakan Cuisines. These dishes will definitely spark much nostalgia especially Baba & Nyonya ethnic people. Butter knows that Kaya will definitely miss the ‘lor bak’ 🙂


Eastin Hotel Penang June 2014 Buffet Theme: Around the World in 80 Dishes!!!

For June 2014, Eastin Hotel Penang will be introducing diverse selection of international cuisines from all over the world from China to Mexico under their buffet theme called Around the World in 80 Dishes. The ’80 dishes’ will be spread out over the days as 14 main dishes will selected from one of the 4-5 menus for the day and that does not includes the appetizers, soup and desserts. You will need roughly 5 visits to really taste all the 80 dishes of exotic cuisines from around the world. What KayaButter will be featuring is just a small part of the ’80 dishes’.