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Elds 22 @ Gurney Paragon, Gurney Drive, Penang (15) 1

Eld’s 22 @ Gurney Paragon, Gurney Drive, Penang!

Eld’s 22 is the latest new old restaurant in Gurney Paragon, Penang. You might wonder why KayaButter say that Eld’s 22 is a new old restaurant. Previously, this restaurant is called as Jarvie’s and the restaurant changed owner and the new owner decides to retain the same old restaurant but renamed it over his son’s name with Eld’s 22. Of course, the name is short-formed. 🙂 Fret not as the famous ramen burger introduced by Jarvie’s is still in the menu.

[NEW] Weekend Surf & Turf BBQ Buffer Dinner @ Nada Lama, Equatorial Hotel, Penang (25) 0

[NEW] Weekend Surf & Turf BBQ Buffer Dinner @ Nada Lama, Equatorial Hotel, Penang!

With successful restaurants such as Kampachi & The View on its belt, Equatorial Hotel is looking to re-energise and take the F&B scene a notch higher with the introduction of their latest RM6 million refurbished restaurant called Nada Lama, a Malay phrase which translates to ‘Yesterday’s Melody’. Nada Lama sits at the exact same location of their previous restaurant, Coffee Garden.


An Ideal Couples Celebration Restaurant, Heaven Gate Restaurant & Lounge @ Georgetown, Penang!

Nestled in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Georgetown, Heaven Gate offers Penangites, tourists and expats a different fine dining experience. Winner of TripAdvisor 2014 Certificate of Excellence with 4.5 stars rating, KayaButter are excited to go back to the restaurant to check out their new menu. You can check out our previous food review and more photos of Heaven Gate HERE. We will concentrate on its new menu for this blogpost.

The Alley Cafe @ Stewart Lane, Georgetown, Penang (21) 2

The Alley Cafe @ Stewart Lane, Georgetown, Penang!

Kaya was invited by Tour Directions to review one of the famous cafes in Georgetown called The Alley. They are famous for their churros and the one-time craze which Kaya feels that it is getting lesser and lesser that is the cronut, a combination of croissant and donut. Kaya heard from one of the bosses that two pieces of cronut sells for US$30++. That’s how ‘powderful’ (meme) the cronut is. Finally, Kaya get to try it! 🙂

Father's Day Set Lunch Menu 2014 @ Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Penang Hotel (11) 3

Father’s Day Set Lunch Menu 2014 @ Zest Bar Cafe, Glow Penang Hotel!!!

As Father’s Day is around the corner, many eateries, restaurants and hotels are preparing their menus for this special day. If you planning for your Father’s Day, you can take look at Glow Penang’s Zest Bar Cafe’s Father’s Day Set Lunch Menu. Glow Penang Hotel is one of the latest modern & chic hotel that is friendly to your wallet. It is under the brand of Zinc | InVision Hospitality which has hotels throughout Asia, originating from Bangkok, Thailand. Glow Penang is the the 1st Glow by Zinc hotel in Malaysia! Thank you for investing in Penang! 🙂


Eastin Hotel Penang June 2014 Buffet Theme: Around the World in 80 Dishes!!!

For June 2014, Eastin Hotel Penang will be introducing diverse selection of international cuisines from all over the world from China to Mexico under their buffet theme called Around the World in 80 Dishes. The ’80 dishes’ will be spread out over the days as 14 main dishes will selected from one of the 4-5 menus for the day and that does not includes the appetizers, soup and desserts. You will need roughly 5 visits to really taste all the 80 dishes of exotic cuisines from around the world. What KayaButter will be featuring is just a small part of the ’80 dishes’.

[Invited Review] Folks Cafe @ Lebuh Acheh, Georgetown, Penang (12) 5

[Invited Review] Folks Cafe @ Lebuh Acheh, Georgetown, Penang!

There is a new cafe in the heart of Georgetown, the UNESCO Heritage area called Folks Cafe. Folks Cafe is co-operating with Flash Back Guest House to provide the guests with breakfast, lunch & dinner. Folks Cafe is operated by two partners. They currently do not have any signboard yet. So, for the mean time, once you see the Flash Back signboard, you have reached Folks Cafe. As you drive from Cannon Street towards Acheh Street, turn left when you reach the T-junction. Folks Cafe is at your right. Find a parking space as soon as you turn right or you can try to find parking end of Cannon Street. Finding a parking space here is quite a challenge and expect to walk for a short distance if you can’t find parking near it.

Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang (10) 6

Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Georgetown, Penang!

Harvest Times is another branch of Harvest In that has to be opened to accommodate their ever expanding customer base. Harvest Times is just a stone throw away from Harvest In. You will find a lot of similarity between Harvest Times and Harvest In. And this time the parking space in front of their restaurant is bigger and can accommodate more cars. There is more space for al-fresco dining at Harvest Times.